Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.



Ms. Goodwin is clearly knowledgeable and generous with her time.


Juvenile Cases

Ms. Goodwin’s experience as an Assistant District Attorney, specifically handling many juvenile cases, makes her an excellent choice for anyone facing criminal charges.


Above & Beyond

I met Anna Goodwin nearly 10 years ago when she was hired by our elected district attorney as an ADA. I have negotiated cases with her and I have tried cases against her. She has taken the courtroom experience and the negotiation skills that she acquired in the DA’s office and has made a fine transition to private practice. Anna goes above and beyond her call of duty in advocating for her clients ans she has the ability to make things happen when time is of the essence.



She has an excellent reputation as a forceful advocate for her clients.


Ratings and Reviews

Top 1% – National Association for Distinguished Counsel